Archaic texts in Latin, Greek and Hungarian, together with contemporary classical music: Sator Orchestra is considered a fruitful collaboration between a philosopher composer and highly qualified classical and jazz musicians joined by two famous singers. Acoustic music and sacred tradition: “Future in the Past.”
ANDRÁS LOVASI - Founder, songwriter, singer and bass player of one of the most successful and inventive Hungarian rock bands, “Kispál és a Borz” (1987-2010). Recently he has been the singer and guitarist of his new rock band Kiscsillag, and being a very versatile musician he regularly cooperates as an accomplished guest singer in projects of different genres. In 2010 he was granted the highest national award for his work.
JÚLIA GYERMÁN - Violinist. Graduated with award from The Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. She has performed with major orchestras including Hungarian Radio Symphony, Hungarian State Philharmonic, Weiner-Szász Kammerorchester, Orfeo and Danubia Orchestra, and the Pécs Philharmonic where she was a Concertmaster as well. She has toured and performed in Austria, Germany, France, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Serbia and Hong-Kong.
SZILVIA BOGNÁR - Folksinger, a splendid, outstanding artist of the folk scene of Hungarian music. Besides singing in her own band, etNoé, she works closely together with other eminent bands, orchestras and projects like Makám Band, Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, Danube Art Ensemble, Etnofon Music Association and Sebő Ensemble. She also performed with Andrea Rost, Nikola Parov and István Kónya.
VIKTÓRIA SZAKÁCS - Cellist. Graduated at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Pécs and the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg. She was a musician of the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg, the Mozart Kammerorchester, and Pro Musica Salzburg. Currently she plays in the Pécs Philharmonic as Principal Cellist, and also performs with Festival-Ensemble, and Festival-Kammerorchester Salzburg.
ZOLTÁN KOVÁCS - Double bass player. Received his diploma from the Department of Jazz at Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. He is the leader of Bognár Szilvia’s bands and the major composer of her albums. He is also cooperating with Szalóki Ági, the other unique performer of the young generation of Hungarian singers. He plays in the intriguing Smárton jazz trio.
GYÖRGY HEIDL - After having learnt classical guitar he was soon captivated by the more improvisational genres and composing. Having graduated, he became a university teacher and for one and a half decade he dedicated himself exclusively to Antique and Medieval philosophy, especially to the Church Fathers. He has published several books, papers and translations in this field. Though composition of music and playing his instrument were effaced for this period, due to some special circumstances he started composition again in 2004. He composed music for the poems of contemporary Hungarian poet, János Lackfi (Album released by Hangzó Helikon in 2007.). In 2009 he founded Sator Quartet.